Wednesday, July 15

It should be noted that, in the simplest equation, design equals control. When a building or a chair are designed they are not yet made, The designs are instructions to the makers to make them in particular ways. No room is left for the makers’ improvisations; rather the end product is controlled by the designer, in coordination with builders and manufacturers, as well as those who will market, distribute and sell the products. While there is risk involved, the effort is made to eliminate chance as, for example, in using hand-craft methods which will vary unpredictably. For a designer who designs, in a coordinated way, all the products in a working or living environment, the goal is to eliminate chance altogether. Total Design equals total control.

from Lebbeus Woods writings on "total design"

this is something we often forget as designers. we plan. we envision. we promote. we execute. we sell. and. often don't understand the consequences of are own work. and even less frequent, have the fortitude of opportunity to correct a consequence. which in turn governs more control and less later discussion of the unfortunate or fortunate consequences of our control.

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